Frequently Asked Questions


What can the sensors in Cover-me measure?

At present, the sensors in Cover-me can be used for the following three features: Drug test, Alcohol test, or Bad Breath. In the future, additional features will be added to Cover-me and the Porsentech app.

Which beverages can the app be used with initially?

Our underlying AI software is continuously evolving, and we are constantly optimizing the types of beverages that can be handled.

Currently, Cover-me can be used with common types of wine, beer, and simple mixed drinks (where mixed drinks are understood as simple combinations of two elements).

When can I expect the cover to be shipped?

The expected delivery date is May 1st, 2024.

What is included in a subscription?

Our free basic subscription includes access to one of our features from Nightlife: Drug test, Alcohol test, or Bad Breath. If you want access to all features, you can purchase a Premium subscription for DKK 19.00 per month.

Does the cover come with a charger?

Yes, a wireless charger is included, which can charge both Cover-me and your phone.

How is the cover charged?

The cover can be charged wirelessly when attached to the phone, and you can track the battery life continuously on the app.

Can I use my iPhone charger for the cover?

You can use third-party wireless chargers for Cover-me, but we always recommend using the wireless charger from Porsentech.

Is the cover waterproof?

No, but Cover-me is water-resistant.

Can the user manual be obtained in Danish?

Yes, the user manual is available in both Danish and English.


Can I choose to pick up the product at the company's address?

No, you can choose to have it sent to a parcel shop or directly to a private or business address. Our warehouse is a closed distribution center.

Can the product be shipped abroad?

The product is only available for shipping to Denmark. We are working on being able to deliver to the EU.

What do I do if there are faults in my delivery or if the cover is damaged upon delivery?

Contact us at

Can I change or cancel my existing order?

As long as your order has not been shipped, you can email us with your order number. We can assist you with changes. Read more in our terms and conditions here.

How do I return a defect product or get it repaired?

Contact us at

Terms & Conditions

When I pre-order the product, is the amount immediately deducted from my account?

The amount is only reserved on your account and will only be deducted when we ship the product. Read more in our terms and conditions here.

If I pre-order the cover, when does the right to claim arise?

The right to claim, as well as the right of withdrawal, comes into effect upon the delivery of the product.

Does the purchase and return policy apply if I unpack the cover from the packaging?

It applies if there is no deterioration of the product, and the continued quality of the item is intact. You can read our terms and conditions here.

How are my personal data processed?

Personal data is processed according to applicable Danish legislation. Read more in our Privacy Policy.